Rules of accommodation, stay and rest,
safety and fire safety
on the private territory "Manor"
1. Upon arrival at the place of rest, the guest must have:
  - Identity document (passport, driver's license),
  - The amount of money to pay;
  - Special packages (for vacationers who call with animals), documents for the animal, as well as a collateral value for keeping animals in the amount of 500 rubles.

The Administration of the Estate reserves the right to refuse registration and stay to any arriving person without giving reasons.

    2.After checking in, the guest has the right:

- Rest on the territory of the Estate at the time agreed upon by the contract, remembering that

from 22.00 to 9.00 there must be silence.

  - Contact the administrator of the Estate for personal questions and requests
      only until 22.00, later it is possible to appeal only in case of emergency (provide first minimal medical care, call an ambulance, fire brigade, law enforcement);
  - Walk around the territory of the Estate and beyond;
  - Close the room for a time when you do not arrive in it or are not in close proximity, the administration is not responsible for lost things;
  - Play outdoor games on specially equipped sites;
   - To make fire in specially equipped places;
  - The presence of dogs in the territory is allowed in a muzzle and with a leash, and dog walking is carried out only outside the territory of the Estate. All responsibility for keeping dogs on the territory rests with the owner of the animal. In case of damage to the property of the Estate of animals - the security deposit is not refundable.
  (The Administration of the Estate reserves the right to refuse to place an animal on the territory.)

3. When staying and relaxing at the Estate, the guest MUST:

- Strictly comply with safety and fire safety rules, as well as the rules of stay and rest, internal routine during the stay of groups and during various events with children and adolescents;
All members of the group, as well as their leaders, must strictly follow the rules of this instruction. In case of violation of the rules by a group, one or more participants, the administration of the Estate has the right to terminate the stay of this group or its individual members;
- The person who paid the rental of the premises is responsible for the actions / inaction of the persons who arrived at the Estate together with him, and is obliged to compensate for damage in case of loss or damage / destruction of property, as well as be liable for other violations committed by him and the person invited by him ;
- Each vacationer is obliged to behave correctly in relation to staff and other vacationers.
 - Comply with fire safety regulations;
 - Follow the rules of stay in the forest;
 - Observe the rules of staying on the water;
 - To inform the administrator about the occurrence of any violations in the territory;
 - Monitor the safety of your property. For lost or unattended things, the Administration is not responsible.
 - Park the car in a designated place;
 - Independently control the behavior of minor children brought with them;
 - Do not pollute or litter the forest area;
 - Do not litter or pollute the body of water and the coastal zone;
 - Do not litter and collect leftover garbage into bags; there are garbage containers on the territory of the Estate;
 - Do not drink alcohol in large quantities;
 - Hand over the occupied space at check-out.
      4. When staying and relaxing on the territory of the guest it is forbidden:

     - To make fire outside specially equipped places;
     - Use and bring narcotic and psychotropic drugs;
     - Use of professional audio equipment brought with you on the estate;
    - Smoking on the premises of the Estate;
    - Use unauthorized electrical appliances, gas appliances;
   - Cover the included heaters, lamps with objects of flammable material;
  - To smoke and use open fire outside specially equipped places on the territory of the Estate;
   - Relieve the need in the wrong place.
  - It is disrespectful to behave to staff and other vacationers;
  - Violate these rules of stay and rest, safety and fire safety on the territory of the Estate, in the forest and on the water;
  - Shoot from firearms, hunting and pneumatic weapons;
  - Launch air lanterns;
  -CATEGORICALLY FORBIDDEN to carry and use pyrotechnic products on the territory of the Estate and in the forest;
  - Move around the territory of the Estate by car;
  - Move at your own discretion small architectural forms (tables, benches, hearths);
  - Take out the property of the cottage, baths (furniture, equipment, towels, bedspreads, etc.);
  - The bedspread and bed linen are not allowed to be used as